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Enterprise Hosting

Matrix dedicated servers are customized to meet all technology ranges, such as servers, storage, network, hardware, devices and applications. 
Matrix dedicated features are customized to suit all technology ranges, such as servers, storage, network, hardware, devices and applications. Enterprise server hosting offers the performance and flexibility you need to stand out, without the capital expense of purchasing your own server.
Regardless of whether you choose a server that is self-managed or maintained by our engineering team, the focus is on eliminating the stress and hassle of hardware management. It has a complete range of technologies, from managed infrastructure services, which include services aimed at operating systems, network, servers and hardware, to content delivery solutions, application hosting, security and business continuity.
Matrix Corporate Hosting solutions offer industry-leading infrastructure with world-class services. Our Service Level Agreements range from hands-off to fully managed hosting solutions that can help you save money, time and manpower by hosting and managing your infrastructure, from configuration and deployment to management, troubleshooting and support backup.
Fully integrated applications and network infrastructures work with the most simple and challenging hosting needs, as well as optimizing the integration of components from multiple providers.

Advantages of Enterprise Hosting

  • Scalable hosting solutions
  • Fully redundant BGP4 Premium multi-home network
  • Fully owned network and data center operations
  • 100% network uptime
  • 24 hours / 7 days a week / 365 days a year for fully managed support
  • Ideal for building your own private cloud hosting solution
  • 24x7x365 emergency access to senior engineers
  • Optional operating system management services
  • True Fortigate hardware firewall protection

Which Enterprise Hosting fits you best?

Dedicated Hardware

Matrix Dedicated Hardware service provides a safe and secure environment to store and host your mission-critical data with the highest levels of security, protection, power and network availability for your IT resources. Matrix can provide your company with great flexibility to grow your IT environment, avoiding the difficulties of operating your own data center.

Private Cloud

Bring the power of cloud hosting to your business with Matrix Enteprise Hosting, with the highest levels of reliability, performance, scalability and availability. Our corporate cloud solutions can help you increase IT performance, increase business and optimize cost structures.

Enterprise Backup

Matrix offers truly affordable and valuable data backup, from corporate-level workgroups to beginners. We will help you to automate processes, improve profitability and ensure business continuity. Matrix support companies maintain control and handle sensitive business-critical information, even if they don't have or run a cloud system that holds their data.

Matrix is a trusted hosting provider that offers more than a decade of experience in providing enterprise hosting solutions to many companies and customers of all sizes in many segments.


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