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Matrix Cloud Workspace

Work remotely as if you are in your office
Secure, simple and fast access to applications
Refrain from been exposed to a variety of security risks that arises from accessing internal applications remotely. Make sure to not open opportunity for attacks.

Matrix Cloud Workspace allows your employees, partners, or service providers to access your company's applications remotely and securely.

With quick installation and authentication integrated to your directory system, it supports most ERPs and collaboration packages on the market, allowing your employees to work as if they were physically at company network. Matrix Cloud Workspace was developed using Akamai Zero Trust technology.


Transmission Security

Does not requires a open port on you firewall, or even VPN establishment. All sessions are encrypted with AES 256 (and not TLS-1.2) to guarantee data will not be exposed to suspicious people within the network.

Application Security

Border servers automatically drop DDoS attack sessions at the network layer. The service inspects web requests to block threats, such as SQL injections, XSS (cross-site scripting) and RFI (remote file inclusion).

High Performance at Low Cost

Use Akamai’s content delivery network, to ensure the lowest communication latency, regardless of the user's geographic region.

Multi cloud, Hybrid cloud

Unified access and control for applications hosted at Matrix, public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google) or at customer premises.


Web Applications

C/S Applications

Windows Applications



• Keep users off the corporate network: block your firewall against all incoming traffic while making your infrastructure invisible

• Centralize security and access control: determine users' access rights, as well as the applications they are authorized to use, in the cloud and on-site

• Multi-factor authentication for enterprise applications: minimize unauthorized access by authenticating users using MFA in email, SMS, TOTP or Duo Security

• Single sign-on for all enterprise applications: seamlessly access at on-premises, IaaS and SaaS applications

• Authentication chaining: take advantage of the unique authentication bridge, separating user authentication from application authentication

• Complete audit of user activity: record the information and actions of the customer of all users, as well as the geolocation

• Local server load balancing: balance traffic on the internal infrastructure using a variety of load balancing algorithms

• Simplified access management: a central point of entry and control through a single management portal


Hybrid IT

Talk to our experts and transform remote access to your company's applications, using an environment with the highest performance and security at the cloud. Compactible with computers and mobile devices.

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