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Speed, safety and efficiency
Are you ready to migrate your hosted environment, but don't know where to start? Be assured that our experienced team of Certified Support Technicians will help you migrate your servers, databases, applications and emails between dedicated, cloud and virtual environments.
Migrating data between different storage infrastructures is a real challenge for IT departments. When companies are ready to migrate their applications and data, they look for the most efficient process possible. This can be crucial when you are considering moving large amounts of important data or applications. Data migration is often a time-consuming and expensive activity, in addition of being a dangerous work. There is always a small risk of data loss and reduced productivity as end users are affected. After analyzing your database, Matrix specialists will develop a customized data migration strategy for your company, with the aim of ensuring that the integrity of your data is maintained.
Our approach to data migration is not just limited to reformatting your data, we also ensure that the quality of your data is going to be maintained as soon as it is loaded into the new system.

We can migrate


Content management systems (CMSes), SaaS applications or custom applications.


For Hosted Exchange® in Matrix Data Center or Matrix Data Center E-mail.


Migrate to our public Cloud or virtual servers from dedicated servers, and other cloud hosting providers. Update your operating system.

Data base

We can host your MySQL, MS SQL or Oracle® database. Change or update your databases: move from MySQL to MS SQL or vice versa.

Other areas of migration expertise:
• Restore and recover
• Storage
• Storage virtualization
• Workspace
• Desktop Virtualization
• Server Virtualization
We appreciate the opportunity to talk about your data migration needs. Please contact us to schedule a convenient time to have a preliminary conversation. You will have no obligation or sales pressure, just a simple analysis of your needs and how the Matrix can help you migrate your database safely and quickly.
Let us help you migrate to the Matrix Data Center Data Center.
Call our 24-hour support team at (11) 3323-9212.
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